Cached Service Level Blurred

07-08-2020 12:54 PM
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  i was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue before. if you look at the image attached there are areas throughout the cached service were a particular tile seems "blurred" does anyone know what could be causing this? you can see the line almost in the middle of the image were the data to the left is fine and everything to the right seems blurred. Once you zoom into the next level of the service the blur is gone and the data is fine at the next level.

ArcMAP 10.5.1

Server 10.5.1



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Hi Dave,

is it a tiled image? Ive seen something similar happen before when using a mosaiced raster referencing images with different resolutions. This was a while back and Im trying to recall what the fix was. If this is a mosaiced image id recommend going to that individual image tile and having a look at the properties. Between the image file, the mosaic file and then the service itself there are opportunities for errors to appear as the software tries to match everything on the fly (especially if its pulling from multiple file formats and bands too). Let me know if this helps at all, Ill have a look at what some other options could be too.