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Cache Service Disconnect

04-10-2019 05:07 PM
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  im currently running arcgis desktop and server 10.5.1 and recently began the process of caching a large statewide map service. we were well into level 19 when we had to stop the process due to machine issues. once those issues were resolved we were able to restart the caching process.

unfortunately we have run into some pretty major issues:

   1) caching process does not completely start

         a. the caching tools do not spin up for server

   2) manage map server cache status does not run

         a. again proper gp tools are spinning up

im not really sure what has caused this, started working with Esri support and dont seem to be getting anywhere. this cached map service is 288gb and take 2 weeks to complete, we were 20gb from completing the process and honestly starting over isnt an option right now.

the process is just stuck like this and never gets anywhere, it was smart enough to catch that i deleted the first bundle from level 0, it wont even spin up a caching tool to cache the level 0.

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Further Info...

    i attempted to publish another service with the same data and cache layers 1-8 (very little data, only a few mb)

1) publish service to the server - success

2) cache levels 1-8 after publishing - failure

   a. it appears that i have lost the ability to cache anything at this point in time.


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