Bulk Data Loading to Branched Version REST Service

07-23-2021 09:08 PM
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Was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue....

I am bulk loading data to a single feature service, single layer, layer is configured for branched versioning + replica tracking, and in my own version (not default) while in ArcGIS Pro.  I am using append to push the data in (350K records), but after 49K it just craps out consistently.

I've tried adjusting the SOC memory, expanding the duration the service is active, etc...etc.  No joy at any point and 49K is the hard limit.

Oh...I'm on Pro 2.8 and Portal, Hosting, etc 10.8.1 and the REST service is pulling from a 10.8.1 database on SQL Server (not express).  

Has anyone else seen something like this before because it has me baffled and the error logs are....well....less than helpful (as in 99999 type errors).

Thanks and hope you all have a good weekend!

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