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Build recomanded configuration using cloud builder

05-07-2019 01:48 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi all

I am using this document to design my enterprise configuration: to build GeoEvent + GeoAnalytics using the cloud builder (Azure).

I would like to use AGOL as my enterprise and not install it - is this possible?

I am not sure how to use the builder to create what I need:

1) Install the GeoEvent (second radio button).

2) How do I install spatiotemporal on a different machine using the builder - there is no such option?

3) Can I install the spatiotemporal on the GeoEvent machine?

4) Then I have to install GeoAnalytics - do I have to install local Enterprise for this or I can use AGOL.

5) How do I connect the GeoAnalytics to the spatiotemporal?

The cloud builder is a great tool but we need a few scenarios documented on how to make it using the builder...


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Esri Contributor

Hi Mody, 

Both GeoAnalytics and GeoEvent are not supported in AGOL, so you will need to install a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise to get started.

For your remaining questions, I would recommend reading the documentation specific to deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Azure, which can be found here: 

1) This is explained in our documentation on adding a server to your base deployment (this applies to both GeoEvent and GeoAnalytics)

2) Please review this help on adding a spatiotemporal big data store

3) You can install GeoEvent and the spatiotemporal big data store on one machine but we do not recommend this, as the two components will compete for resources and you will likely see performance problems as a result. It's best to install the spatiotemporal big data store and GeoEvent Server on separate machines.

4) See adding a server to your base deployment. This must be done with ArcGIS Enterprise and will not work with AGOL.

5) The spatiotemporal big data store should be registered with your hosting server, not your GeoAnalytics server. Please see this documentation on creating a data store.

Hope this helps,

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