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Best way to upgrade from 10.4.1 to 10.6.0?

12-18-2018 11:27 AM
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We are currently running ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1. It is just the 10.4.1 Server, no Portal. I am planning to moving to 10.6.0, and installing the standard Enterprise Base Configuration. Is the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder a viable tool for me to upgrade? I am thinking the answer is "no", since I have an existing Server from 10.4.1...but want to verify. From my reading it sounds like I can only use the Enterprise Builder on either brand-new deployments or upgrading a deployment that was originally created with an earlier version of Enterprise Builder...which is not my case since I am coming from 10.4.1.

What would be the most efficient way for me to go from Server 10.4.1 to Enterprise 10.6.0? Just install all of the individual components (Portal, Server, Data Store, Web Adapter)? Or would it be easier to just uninstall the 10.4.1 Server, and simply running the turn-key Enterprise Builder?

FYI, we are just a single-server setup, and only have a handful of users. Pretty small deployment.

Thanks for any insight to this.

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You pointed out the two paths you have:

A) Manually upgrade

    1) Install Portal, Data Store, and the new web adaptors.

    2) Upgrade Server

    3) Federate, register the Data Store, set it as a hosting server

   Using this approach you're stuck with upgrading manually, but you have more flexibility to configure paths and URLs as you need to, (paths can always be updated later).

B) Use the AEB

   1) Uninstall Server

   2) Install/configure using the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

   2) Republish all services

   The upgrade path is more straightforward, in that you can use the AEB to upgrade from then on. You'd be stuck with a single machine deployment, though.

Ultimately, I think it's difficult for people to suggest which is the best way for you to upgrade. I guess I can argue that the AEB approach gives you an easier upgrade path moving forward and you can always break out of that pattern if you need to, (for example, if you want to expand to multi-machine sites).

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Thank you Jonathan, that helps. Since it's a smaller deployment and since I'm a little nervous about installing Enterprise manually, I think I'll go with just uninstalling Server and then using the EAB.


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If your current ArcGIS Server is on a VM, you could deploy 10.6 (why not 10.6.1?) to a new VM and switch.

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