Best practices for changing ArcGIS Server Directories

05-15-2018 08:52 AM
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I have to change the config-store and server directories location for my 2-node ArcGIS Server cluster (10.4).  Is there any preferred methodology other than logging into manager and editing the config-store and directories section directly?  

For instance, chaning the directories before the config-store, or vice versa.  Or pre-copying the physical folders to the new location before changing the directory location in server manager.  Or stopping all services before editing the directory locations.  Or anything really that might make the process faster or more stable.  

All I know to do is edit the locations in Manager and once everything is done, copying cached tiles directly, but if there are other best practices I'd love to know them.  


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There isn't a recommended way to change directories, you can do it in any order with or without services running. The directories will be copied over regardless if they are there or not, (you move them before hand). The only thing I could suggest is you cna try to stop all services before updating the directories. Once you update any directory, the services have to restart which may take time. If they're already in a stopped state, I don't think they'll start so updating the directories will be quicker.

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Hi Jonathan,

I have a case where i moved server directories from a local to shared location using site manager (10.5.1) and that was successful. However, changing the config-store wasn't successful as the change operation kept running forever (finally i refresh the page to find that it didn't changed). Note that folders in the destination were created and are equal in size to the original folders. I tried to copy the config-store manually and editedthe connection-configstore.json file (founder under /etc) but didn't work (knowing that i tried it in a testing env and worked!). Note that my portal and server are federated and am trying to migrate them using join sites. An important thing to tell is that the connection between site1 and site2 is a vpn (10Mbps). Something else to tell is that after all megabytes are transfered (config-store), a new file kept generating on the orginal folder with ETAG extension on all folders. I imagined that the reason for the endless transfer is a result of these ETAGs that are kep generating and therefore the need to syn with dest may be. Please Hellllllpppppp

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