Best Practice to Re-License ArcGIS Enterprise

05-29-2020 12:35 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have an existing 10.7.1 base Enterprise deployment. Services have been published and users have created content in this environment.

We're moving it from more of a development environment to a staging environment and so I'd like to re-license both Server and Portal. I'm curious what is the best way to do this? My understanding for Portal is that I'll need to cancel the license file in MyEsri (I do see the option to do that) and then generate a new Portal license file. What happens to my Portal during the time between cancellation and re-authorization? I presume to re-authorize, I just run the software authorization wizard on the Portal machine and that's it? Anything else I need to be aware of here?

For Server, I'd like to return the existing license being used so that it can be used elsewhere and license it with the proper Staging Server license. There isn't an option to cancel the Server license in MyEsri, how does this work?

Any other things I need to be aware of? Portal first and then Server? Doesn't matter? 



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by Anonymous User
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I thought I would respond back on this in case anyone has similar questions. Through a combination of documentation and tech support, I've gotten this sorted out.


The re-licensing process for Portal is pretty straightforward. I went into My Esri > My Organizations > Licensing. I then clicked on License Files on the left and then License Files Related to Portal for ArcGIS and Pro. 

I clicked on the license I wanted to modify and on the right side of the screen went to Edit Licensing File. I made the changes I needed (changed the number of user types available), saved, and downloaded the new json file. I then went into my Portal > Organization > Licenses and clicked Import Licenses. 

That was it! Pretty easy. I did have to pare down the number of users in my Portal before I did this because my new license file had less user types available. I'm not sure what would happen if you skipped this step.


This one was more confusing and required support. Server license files have no cancellation or check-in process. So there was no way for me to "return" an authorization once I had created it. 

What I ended up doing is creating a new license file using the Staging license and then ran the Software Authorization Wizard on the Server machine to update the authorization for that machine. Support told me I could still use the old one I was using previously in another environment. I guess their internal system doesn't exactly match what is in My Esri but they could see that I had an authorization available to be used elsewhere after I made this switch.

It was pretty painless and my environments were still up the entire time so no real impact on end users.

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