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Auto update Excel table from PostgreSQL database

03-05-2019 02:43 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Currently me and my team are using PostgreSQL database for multi user editing, we are editing a feature class for a large area which has 100 tiles. Currently, after every tile is completed we go to excel and update manually whether the tile is completed or not.

Is there a way using PostgreSQL or some other tool in ArcGIS where I can create a field in the table and as soon as a tile is completed it updates in PostgreSQL automatically,  which i can later use excel to connect to the data and know whether the data as either completed or not completed.ArcGIS IdeasDiscussions Lobby Solutions

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Can you elaborate what you mean with "tiles" and how you actually know that they are "finished"?

This is really unexpected in PostgreSQL. The whole idea of working with a spatial database, is to not have "tiles" or map sheets maintained in the RDBMS, but only generate these upon export to e.g. PDF (or something like modern Vector Tiles). So you should be working "tile-less" on a seamless database.

As to technical implementation of some kind of automation in an RDBMS, one feature is the use of "triggers":

or define some custom function. But this all requires some DBA skills to implement.

Of course, there is also ESRI's commercial products, e.g. "ESRI Production Mapping" (, that was specifically designed for managing a production mapping workflow and keeping track of progress of tasks and such.

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