ArcPro: Updating Feat n Img Serv Description in Portal

07-28-2020 02:20 PM
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dear Readers,

good afternoon.  We are aware of an enhancement request for ArcGIS Pro updating an image service (ENH-000121518).

ArcGIS Enterprise: 10.71

We found the following issues and want to know whether it is a valid observation:

  1. Image Service
    1. On the Map view, we selected our 'combined mosaic dataset' to be published and chose Edit Metadata and entered information that would be useful for our field staff.
    2. Only summary and tags made it to the portal area.
    3. We had to copy paste from ArcGIS Pro UI to Edit Description in the portal.
    4. Summary, tag, description and other pertinent details did not transfer to the <AGS Install>/image/rest/services/MyFolder/islands/ImageServer page.
  2. Feature Layer (hosted) n Serv Definition: 
    1. Summary and tags information came through from the publish process from ArcGIS Pro.
    2. Description never made it to both.
    3. if we manually update the contents, the next publish from Pro overwrites it.

We would like to know whether there is another way to accomplish the issues that we are facing in the 2 scenarios.  When we were in ArcMap and ArcCatalog world, we did not have this issue.

thank you for your support.

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