ArcGIS Server Manager - Dojo Undefined after 10.7.1 upgrade

07-20-2019 01:15 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I have just upgraded our ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1.  All well with portal, however with ArcGIS Server I cannot login to the server manager (the rest directory etc looks good). 

The error is that dojo is not defined, and I have tracked it down to the server manager attempting to load dojo from an incorrect URL:


instead of : 


I checked our rest directory configuration and there is no local JS API defined. Has anyone else seen this?  How can we update the ArcGIS Server Manager to load correctly? 




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Hello Andrew,

Quick question for you, after you ran the upgrade for the ArcGIS Server did a browser pop up and did you click the Continue Upgrade button?

- Cody

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Hi Cody, thanks for your reply - the post upgrade did start so that seems to be good. 

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Hi Andrew,

Since you can see Arcgis server REST and Admin, wondering if you can access the Manager end point from a different browser, Firefox/Chrome, from the machine where Arcgis Server is installed and or outside of the machine, like from your local desktop.

I've seen this related to the browser/ shortcut of the Server Manager link. If you replace the link with the proper URL path it should work for you.  

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I see the same issue on a clean install of 10.7.1.

Navigating to https://localhost:6443/ gets you redirected to https://localhost:6443/arcgis/ which exhibits this dojo error.

However, by navigating to https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager/ directly you do find a working Manager application. (Which in the case of a clean install prompts you to create a new site or join an existing one.)

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Thanks Ottar Viken Valvåg‌ and Harrold Sompotan‌, the error was the same on different browsers and I tried private mode also.  

In the end after installing the web adapter we could access the server manager through that. With portal there seemed to be some issues with the serverURL in the configuration and I wonder if this maybe was impacting some of the url rewriting behind the scenes.  Anyway all good now!