ArcGIS Server Feature Service not adding to map in Edge Browser

01-19-2017 07:18 AM
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For some reason I cannot add a public feature service to an arcgis online map, in the edge browser. Even working directly with the rest endpoint. All other browsers seem to work!

Water_Distribution (FeatureServer) 

When I try opening clicking on View In:   ArcGIS Online map viewer ...

It works in all browsers except Edge which gives the error "The layer, Water_Distribution, cannot be added to the map.

If you do not see the same perhaps its restricted to a local network issue?

Thanks for any help.


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Esri Regular Contributor

I don't see this in my environment, using Edge on Windows 10 build 1511. If you'd like to capture the session with a tool like Fiddler or similar, I can have a look at your network traffic. You can remove any sensitive URLs you might not want to share.

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We are having this problem with a number of application.

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Yes, the map viewer is unable to load my custom tiled basemap services, and fails to open any maps. I can't edit or create anything!  This was working fine two weeks ago.

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Esri Regular Contributor

If you press f12 when this issue happens, what errors do you see in the browser console?

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I spent days trying to figure out why our internal REST services wouldn't display on AGOL. Originally, I thought there was a permissions issue, but I got the bright idea to try Chrome and TAADAA! everything worked as expected. 

AGOL basemaps display, I search and add layers on AGOL, but I cannot add our own REST services using edge. It only works on Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer. 

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