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ArcGIS Server downtime following Windows Server routine patch

03-17-2023 05:46 AM
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We have an ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 that runs on a Windows Server 2019.  It's been running smoothly since we recently upgraded from 10.6.1. However, we recently noticed that the ArcGIS Server instance is stopped every time there is a routine monthly Windows Server patch. Not clear at this point what is triggering this downtime beyond seeing the association in the timing with the Windows Server patch.

Has anybody faced this issue? What could possibly cause this? Is there a way or workaround to handle this?

Would greatly appreciate anyone who can share insights on this.






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Hi @HenokA, I'd suggest looking at the application/system logs in Windows Event Viewer for the time period covering the ArcGIS Server service going down. Do they give you any more information?

One mitigation you could put in would be to set a 'Recovery' option on the ArcGIS Server service, by double clicking the service then use the settings in the 'Recovery' tab.

James Noble
Programme & Service Delivery @ Esri UK
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Hi @james-noble 

Thanks for the quick feedback & suggestions. I will test 'Recovery' option, and hope that will address the issue. Will also check the Event Viewer for any hues. Thanks.

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