ArcGIS Server and Portal not connecting to admin pages on 7443 or 6443 in Google Cloud

08-02-2021 10:50 AM
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I have installed Server and Portal 10.9 on Ubuntu 18.04 in Google Cloud.  My DNS that is associated with my VPC is  The machine does not have external IPs as everything is accessed via VPN.  When the installations complete I am prompted to visit the FQDN to complete setup, i.e. gis-dev.c.gis-dev-services.internal:7443 or 6443.  I know that this will not work so I attempt to access via DNS, i.e., I am able to hit the page but when I login - the page just spins and eventually get a connection  reset error in developer tools.  I cannot hit :6443/arcgis/admin or manager at all.  :6443/arcgis/rest/services comes up, but I get a similar time out as the one mentioned above.

I have also added the to my server and portal framework directories using the DNS and IP address to no avail.  

@JohnQuinn or others, do you have any insight on what might cause this issue and how to resolve.

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Two thoughts come to mind;

1) After adding the (and to Portal) did you delete and recreate the sites?

2) You may need an internal load balancer to forward traffic from that VPC back to the machines

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