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ArcGIS Server: 502 Bad Gateway during add features

07-20-2023 09:37 AM
New Contributor II

When I try to update more than 50-60 features I have an error 502 Bad Gateway (it's not a feature problem).

I think it's probably a performance issue but how to correct it?

What is weird is if I change the value of an attribute in the db of the last foreign key element in the request parameter, and then try to add features it works, if I try to add features again it's an error 502. 

for example, my last feature in my request add feature in my table "TABLE_1" parameter is: {"attributes":{OBJECTID=-1, REL_OBJECTID=4}

if I change the element in the db in "TABLE_2":

{objectid: 4, attribute1: "test"} to {objectid: 4, attribute1: "test2"} and try to "add features" again it works (only once, after that I need to change the attribute once again). I don't need to do that if I have less than 50-60 features though.


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