Arcgis Server 10.8 linux and postgresql/postgis - silent install

06-21-2020 08:40 AM
by Anonymous User
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I would like to install postgresql/postgis silently.  I downloaded the tar ball from ESRI for Postgresql 10.10.  I can install Posgresql silently and it works fine.  The problem is installing PostGIS.  How do you do this silently?  Can it be done silently?  The problem is that I have setup a CentOS 7 minimal server (no GUI components).  I cannot use stackbuilder to install the PostGIS module.  I have tried manually with PostGIS but always run into problems.

Can you run stackbuilder in silent mode?  Has anyone installed Postgesql and PostGIS from downloaded tar ball on a Linux server without using GUI?

Thanks for the help!

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