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ArcGIS Pro version of ArcPy on Enterprise

05-28-2019 10:26 PM
New Contributor

Hello all,

How do I run Python scripts using the ArcPy library from ArcGIS Pro on Enterprise server?

I mainly interface with the ESRI functionality through ArcPy.

Now, I've got some nifty scripts doing fancy 3D stuff written using the ArcPy library which came with ArcGIS Pro.

I want to run these scripts on our enterprise server 10.6.1 (through FME python callers).

It appears there is only the old 2.7 ArcGIS Desktop version of ArcPy availible, missing the methods I need for my Scene layer generation and such.

How do I get around this? Installing Pro on the server and using that is not production stable and as far as I know not allowed license wise.

Kind regards,


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