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ArcGIS Pro labels not displaying properly in Enterprise Map Viewer

05-17-2023 10:57 AM
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I've created a map in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 and configured the labels to display how I want them. But when I share the web map to our Enterprise portal (version 10.9.1) and try to view it in Map Viewer many of the label settings are not showing properly.

 Some of my ArcGIS Pro settings are: 

  • Under Position > Placement: selected Offset perpendicular
  • Position > Placement: Primary offset = 4.0 points
  • Position > Placement: Offset along line = Best Position
  • Fitting Strategy > Overrun: Maximum = 25 points
  • Conflict Resolution > Remove Duplicate Labels: Do not remove
  • Conflict Resolution > Unplaced labels: Never remove (place overlapping)
  • Visibility Range: None for In Beyond or Out Beyond

My labels look like this in ArcGIS Pro: 



But once I choose "Share as Web Map" and open in Enterprise Map Viewer, it looks like the screenshot below. There are two main problems: 

  1. Some of the labels are not showing at all. Although I can zoom in far to get the label to show (1:70), I want my users to see the labels when zoomed out (around 1:2,500) 
  2. The labels are positioned overtop of the line, not perpendicular as I wanted.




I've wish I could do some more configuring of the labels in Map Viewer but there really aren't many settings. Perhaps when we upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise there will be more options?

I've also been looking for some Arcade code that could control these label settings. But I haven't found any Arcade examples yet for Position Placement, Fitting Strategy, or Conflict Resolution. If anyone knows how to configure these in Arcade, then I would set them up in ArcGIS Pro before I publish to Enterprise. 

Has anyone else experienced these label problems in Enterprise Map Viewer? Is there any way to configure these labels without upgrading to the latest version of Enterprise? (FYI: our organization won't be upgrading for a while) From what I've read regarding ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, there is better functionality coming for labels in the new Map Viewer... 

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What did you choose in the "Select a Configuration" drop down box?

If you choose one of the options from "Reference registered data" category, then it should create a map service and your web map should use a map image layer (instead of feature layer).

Then it should work as the drawing happens on the server side, and you should see feature labeled exactly as they do in Pro. If you choose some other options and the webmap contains a 'feature layer' not a 'map image layer', then features get labelled on the client side and it might not match with what we see in Pro.

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Although my "select a configuration" option for sharing the web map was using the "reference registered data" from our Enterprise system, the labels still didn't look right. 

However your comment about "server side" vs. "client side" did lead me down the correct path. Previously I didn't understand the value of map image layers & server-side drawing. But I found that separating my labels into their own map image layer, then adding them to my web map, produced the labelling results I was looking for. So thanks for the tip!

I also found some helpful information in this article too:

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