ArcGIS PowerShell DSC Module: After the Install: Maintaining the Configuration

10-21-2021 11:47 AM
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After using the ArcGIS PowerShell DSC module to install ArcGIS Enterprise, will the computer automatically ensure that its configuration does not drift away from the desired state?

My server currently has a DSC configuration applied that sets things like host files and registry keys. Periodically, the computer verifies that it still has the right settings and makes corrections as needed.

After I run Invoke-ArcGISConfiguration, will the computer continue to make sure that everything (host files, registry keys, ArcGIS software, firewall settings set by the ArcGIS PowerShell module, etc.) is correctly configured for the indefinite future?

Since another forum post at GeoNet says that "the recommended/supported workflow for applying patches after an upgrade, is to re-run the PowerShell module with -mode install", it gives the impression that the ArcGIS-related configuration is not automatically re-applied after a human messes up a setting.

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The PowerShell DSC is an installation mechanism (to get Enterprise installed and configured, as well as help apply patches), and it does not have awareness to maintain an Enterprise system on its own.  You can write a PowerShell script to check for and install patches on a regular basis, but that will still need to be run through Task Scheduler.  The DSC will not revert the system to a previous functional state if someone where to alter / delete files accidentally.

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