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ArcGIS Enterprise upgrade to version 11.1

02-11-2024 07:17 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I work in a large company and we use ArcGIS Enterprise. We have hundreds of users and a lot of specific development and functionality. We are currently on version 10.8.1 and plan to upgrade to version 11.1
Has anyone done this upgrade in your company? How many man-days of work did the upgrade cost? Is this a regular upgrade to a higher version or a re-implementation of the whole solution?
Thank you for the answer and advice.

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An in-situ upgrade of ArcGIS Enterprise is relatively trivial.  I regularly start an upgrade on a Friday PM and hand back on Saturday afternoon.

10.8.1 to 11.1 is technically possible over the top. But there are things to consider, like:

what’s you’re operating system, does it need upgrading?

are your services published from Pro or ArcMap?  The latter won’t work.

whats the custom code you mention?  Is it an SOI or SOE?  You’ll need to upgrade/compile it to use .Net 6.  Is it JavaScript?  If you’re using the v3.x libraries it ‘should’ work, but they’re being retired soon.

There are a good number of dependencies that need to be considered and planned for.  So it’s possibly not just a case of upgrading your enterprise but a myriad of other items.

Scott Tansley
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To piggy-back on Scott, we did this exact upgrade after considerable planning. One of the biggest considerations is the ArcPro runtime. As long as you're confident that all of your web services are published from ArcPro, then it should be a relatively easy thing. I probably over-prepared as it was the first upgrade that I managed myself. We set up a parallel server that had copies of all our web services, set up a Portal and all that stuff to run a test upgrade, etc. The upgrade process itself was about 7 hours for us, including post-upgrade testing. We communicated with users that they just shouldn't expect GIS at all that day and it worked out just fine. I kicked off the upgrade in advance of business hours and it was done around noon that day. 

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