ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 HA: Make Datastore Machine Primary failed

09-30-2020 11:35 PM
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I am trying to promote my datastore standby machine to primary for the tileCache datastore but it fails with the following error:

Server machine '' returned an error. 'Attempt to make '' the primary data store machine with role 'PRIMARY' is not allowed.'

When I try with the relational datastore, it works.

Validating datastores on Admin REST API, returns both machines as healthy.

Any idea ?


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Ive hit this recently on newly deployed MM HA 10.8.1 with a handful of small published scene layers / existing data.
I had restarted the whole machine cold tile cache data store Machine1/current PRIMARY, and then did as  you did trying to make Machine2/current SECONDARY > makePrimary command. Whilst after a first boot, or similar like starting the ArcGISDatastore.exe service or clicking Start in admin UI, on Machine1/current PRIMARY it can take some time before it listens / allows actions.
Waiting another 5-10 mins and then doing Machine2/current SECONDARY > makePrimary action worked for me.

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