ArcGIS Datastore Load Data with attachments

05-29-2018 08:27 AM
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We have Survey’s hosted on ArcGIS Online.  We have republished these survey’s into our in house ArcGIS Portal environment (10.5.1) leveraging the Datastore.


We now need to load the data from the ArcGIS Online data to the Portal (exported the ArcGIS Online data to  – the obvious tool to do this is the Append tool, however, the Maintain Attachments check box does not in fact maintain the attachments (the feature class loads, but the attachments do not).


The Preserve Global ID’s also fails with a -9999 error as it only appears to work with Enterprise Geodatabases.  If we could preserve the GlobalID’s then we could simply load the attachment tables.


Is there an easy way to do this that I am missing?  It would seem there should be, if not, I can add a bunch of fields and attempt to recalculate GlobalID’s after the fact, but this seems a little over the top.

Thanks all

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