ArcCatalog New>View Creates View as Lower Case dbo

05-17-2017 05:39 AM
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I often create views using ArcCatalog with New>View and add the view to my database. The view is created with the following naming convention:


I then add the view to my .mxd and continue on with my project.

During the publishing process, the analyze step flags an error with this view, stating that the view is not recognized and is not registered to the database. I then use the tool "Feature Class to Feature Class" into another temporary .gdb

and then copy the view back with the same command. Unfortunately, this step alters the view into a table and does not retain it's view parameters

Then, the newly created table will have the following naming convention:


Why does the initial New>View create the view with lower case "dbo"?

And why does the transferred table now become "DBO"?

Is there an issue with my database connection that it creates a dbo.view and not a DBO.view?


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