Altered attribute values when publishing data using a unique value symbology

2 weeks ago
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I have an ArcGIS Pro project with a layer of data I wish to publish as a web service. I have configured the symbology such that it uses a 'Unique Values' style which lists all the combinations of 2 attributes I have identified. 

When I publish the data as a web service and interrogate the data, I note that the values of the first attribute are altered such that they display the unique values of "Attribute 1, Attribute 2" instead of simply the "Attribute 1" value only.

If I export this service to a FGDB and download it, the underlying data is not affected in this manner. It is simply in how the web service displays the attributes.

Is this a bug, or something I have done wrong? I've tested publishing in both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap with the same result.

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