All users can see all features even though Ownership-based access control is enabled and all options are not checked

03-19-2020 08:39 AM
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Server is 10.7.1 and services are secured with ArcGIS Server Build-in credentials.

I have 3 separates services that are all acting the same way no matter how many times I attempt to share, stop/start, and enable/disable options.

My process:

I add a secured feature service to a web map in agol.  The feature services contains features created by many different users.  I have ownership-based access control enabled and all 3 options are disabled (none are checked).  I want users to be able to see their features but not other users.  As far as I can tell this should work.  However, everyone still sees all features no matter the owner.  They can click a polygon and see the owner in the attributes.  They can not edit attributes of other's features but they can cut it to or change the shape.

Any idea what's happening?


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