active-passive deployment from Azure to on premise

06-14-2018 01:56 PM
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I Have some questions regarding Active Passive Deployment. I want to deploy Portal in Portal and I would like to have on Premise a passive portal.

My deployment with Portal

My first question is. This URL Single-machine high-availability (active-passive) deployment—ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) Installation G...  talks about active passive deployment for Server, is it possible to have this active passive characteristic for portal?

if my first question is affirmative My second question, is it possible to have my active portal on Azure, and my passive Portal on premise?

Thanks for your help.

Diego Llamas

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I wouldn't recommend machines participating in the same site residing in separate data centers. Intermachine communication and network latency would cause significant problems. If you want to have a standby deployment ready, set up identical ArcGIS Enterprise deployment and use the WebGIS DR tool to replicate data and content to the standby site. Keep in mind that it doesn't support restoring a backup to an environment that uses different storage types, so if your content is on the file system on your primary site, it needs to be on the file system in your standby site.

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