Accessing Feature Service Data in PowerBI Using OAUTH - Token Issues

02-28-2024 12:51 PM
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I am having trouble with tokens generated in my PowerBI query that I've tweaked from the workflow located in this post:

I couldn't find any answers in the linked post to fix my issue - so I've resorted to creating my first post on these forums.

I have recently been getting an error when I try to add additional queries that I am getting an invalid token. This is bizarre as the queries are on the same feature service, just different tables within the feature service.

When I switch the client ID and client secret within the query to those of a new application on the Portal, it allows both of the tables within the feature service to be queries - so I am thinking it is an issue with the token being generated from the original client ID and client secret that is expiring.

I've included a screenshot of the query with the sensitive information removed - is anyone able to provide some insight on functionality I should/could add to fix the token from expiring? I essentially want to set this up so you just have to replace the relative path in the Get Data section and it will query a new feature service.

Thanks in advance!



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