(10.7.1) Why am I getting a login prompt while logged in, for an internal address?

09-02-2019 02:52 PM
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I have four machines with the enterprise components, behind a firewall. A reverse proxy is also in place, using port 7443.


  1. server.local
  2. portal.local
  3. datastore.local
  4. webadapter.local (which serves a landing page when I go to its base URL, e.g. "mywebsite.com")

Setup process:

  1. install server
  2. install data store, point to server.local
  3. install portal
  4. install webadapter 2x, pointing to portal.local as "portal" and server.local as "arcgis"
  5. set webcontext url (mywebsite.com:7334/arcgis) in portal, using its webadapter url
  6. federate portal and server in the portal web ui using the external url mywebsite.com:7443/arcgis

So far so good. I can log in at mywebsite.com:7443/portal with a normal user and log out too. I can upload data as well.

However, when I try to look at data, I get a sign in prompt, for webadapter.local/portal, which I can't sign into ("Unable to access the authentication service."). What could be the problem here?

The error:

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I'm having this exact problem. Was there ever a resolution?

Thank you!

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