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Zoom level issue on New Map Viewer on Portal 10.9.1

01-28-2022 06:22 AM
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Good morning,

We upgraded to Portal 10.9.1 last week and I am having issues with the use of the new map viewer and having a limited zoom in capability. Most maps are unable to zoom past a certain level in the Viewer and in Dashboards.

This seems to be for existing maps that I have saved with old map viewer and new map viewer. I have been working on updating and saving these maps in new map viewer, but some were made in old map viewer. Also working through saving Dashboards into the new dashboards version that reads from new map viewer.

Before I start the inevitable rebuilding all of my maps from the ground up, then their apps, then their dashboards, wanted to see if this was a known issue with a solution.

  • Opened with new map viewer, saved (zoom issue)
  • Opened with new map viewer, save as new map (zoom issue)
  • New map from map viewer and adding layers allows full zoom


Thanks in advance.

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I have seen the new map viewer exhibit this behavior with WMTS layers. It seems to default to a max LOD of 18. We've gotten around this by either moving to vector tile basemaps when possible, or manually defining the max LOD in the WMTS layer's JSON.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hi @BrendonJoyce1 ,

Are you using a custom basemap within your web maps? If so, can you provide more details on the layers/services used in the basemap?



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Thank you @jcarlson & @JeffreySutherland ,

We do use a blank custom basemap. I am looking into this. It is an old ArcMap raster layer that I believe was not tiled in to a close extent...where the basemap stops seems to maybe correlate to where the tiling stopped?

I am going to try a new blank vector basemap published from ArcPro with a closer zoom level, do you think that would work better?


Thanks again!

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  • I have encountered same issue after migrating to 10.9.1 last week
  • My issue is mostly with the Dashboard Maps not zooming from the record selected from a Dashboard List (I am using the same data/layers for list and map)
  • It use to zoom perfectly in Classic Dashboard and Map
  • After upgrading Dashboard and Maps to newer version I have encountered this zoom issues on all dashboards in our organization. 
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Hi there,

I got this to work by switching to a blank vector basemap as mentioned above.

Source here: 


Blank basemap.JPG

Once you get it uploaded, if you share it and create a web map with it also shared to the Featured Maps or whatever group you use as your basemap group in the Map settings in Portal Settings. Then it should show up in your basemap gallery to change your maps over to.


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