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When is postgresql db installed during portal installation?

08-29-2023 03:18 PM
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We are attempting to migrate our portal to a new server. To do so, we have moved content directory to a shared location (read/write access granted). We then install portal on the new vm and proceed to the join existing site or create new option. Attempts to join result in "unable to create highly available portal as required ports are unavailable" etc. error occurs. However, the other thing we noticed post installation are errors in Event Viewer - Errors for Postgresql install. So, we're not quite sure if our issue is with the postgresql not being able to install or with the ports (or both), but since we can't join the site we are investigating this error. Anyone know when that is supposed to happen? Is it after the site creation/join or before? We have very tight security at my organization, we have encountered issues with postgresql installs in other arenas, but never with a portal install. Any tips or insights are appreciated.

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The join error sounds more like a firewall issue than a postgre issue.  Have you got windows firewalls enabled, or is there a 'network' firewall between new and old servers?  If so then you need to add the documented ports as exclusions to allow them to speak to each other.  There are several specific ports that must be allowed, so that the new Portal can communicate with the old one. 

It's also important to note that the two portals must be at the same version, just in case you was trying to migrate and upgrade simultaneously.

Scott Tansley
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Hello Jennifer,

Did you find the problem? We encounter exactly the same issue now.



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