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09-05-2019 01:43 AM
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Hello Users, 

I need to migrate my content from Portal Version 10.6 to Portal Version 10.7.1. I have taken the back using webgis dr, however, when i try to import, it says that since the backup was created using 10.6 webgis dr version, I can not import using 10.7 webgis dir. 

Please let me know what is the solution for this.



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Genesis,

I believe the versions will need to be the same when importing a WebGIS DR backup.  Also, the public URLs should be the same as well.  See the following article on this:

Migrate to a new machine in ArcGIS Enterprise using the WebGIS DR tool 

The main settings that must be identical between the original environment and the new environment are the public URL that users use to reach the ArcGIS Enterprise portal, and the services URLs used to federate ArcGIS Server sites with the portal.

You can upgrade your existing ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.7.1, and then recreate the backup.  If you did not edit the etc/host file so that the new server has the same public URL before installing 10.7.1, you will need to uninstall 10.7.1 on the new server.  Then, edit the etc/host file and re-install.  At that point you should then be able to restore the backup.

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We want to support forward compatibility with the DR tool for future releases, but for now, as Jake Skinner‌ mentioned, the versions have to be the same.

We'll also update the blog to indicate that along with the "public" URLs, the versions also have to be the same, down to the minor version as well.