Web Browser Connection Issues for Windows Server 2019, IIS 10

05-28-2020 10:49 AM
Occasional Contributor III

A couple weeks ago, we began experiencing an issue with our web server.  Any sort of asset (image, css file, regular page), can only be accessed through Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

In Chrome, the message is "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET".

In Firefox, the message is "PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR."

We have Microsoft Server 2019, and IIS 10.  

Our IT staff also noted that "If you use Chrome or Firefox it is using TLS 1 and doesn’t load, even if I change my Internet Option settings to use only TLS 1.2 it still tries to use TLS 1. So to me it seems like that is at least part of the issue. Not sure why it is forcing those browsers to use TLS 1 but from the captures that is what appears to be happening."

Anyone experience this issue? Anyone have any tips to resolve?

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