Fonts in Portal (Arcade Expression)

05-27-2020 07:48 PM
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I have a number of feature layers which all have two fields which are labelled "POI_LABEL_SET_A" & "POI_LABEL_SET_B". Within these fields are symbols which correspond to the symbols set within the "HemaSymbelSetA" & "HemaSymbelSetB". 

What I see in ArcPro:


What I see in Portal:


Both font types have been installed on the Portal server.

The expression that had been using was a VB Script. I am unfamiliar with Arcade Expressions and I was curious as to whether someone could help me with rewriting into an Arcade Expression so the correct fonts are being used for those two fields in labelling?
VB Script:
Function FindLabel ( [POI_LABEL_SET_A], [POI_LABEL_SET_B] )
  LabelA = Replace(Replace([POI_LABEL_SET_A],"&","&amp;"), "<", "&lt;")
  LabelB = Replace(Replace([POI_LABEL_SET_B],"&","&amp;"), "<", "&lt;")
  FindLabel = LabelA & "<FNT name='HemaSymbolSetB' size='18'>"&LabelB&"</FNT>"
End Function
Any assistance would be appreciated!
Thank you!
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