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Username is not getting created correctly when login in through SAML

03-10-2023 01:29 AM
New Contributor

See the attached image for log when user is created.

Instead of the username I get some ID as username. This ID changes each time you log in so a new user is created at each login. I dont understand what I have done wrong, the users first name, last name and email are sent correctly to portal.

The username is set to be sent as NameID.

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Yes, that is by design. See the following Portal for ArcGIS - SAML documentation:

"Since ArcGIS Enterprise uses the value of NameID to uniquely identify a named user, it is recommended that you use a constant value that uniquely identifies the user. When a user from the IDP signs in, a new user with the username NameID will be created by the ArcGIS Enterprise organization in its user store. "


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