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04-07-2016 04:01 PM
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Hopefully I have this in the right forum if not some can move it to where it goes.

Was trying to use an image for an overlay in a map I have in the portal. I pop open the overlay > change style > Location (single style) > click on symbols to change > then click on the Use an Image underlined link and NADA.

I just get a blank box with a plus sign next to it.

Searched through the documentation and cannot seem to find anything for what I want to do.

Attached an image of where I was trying to do this at on the map in the portal.

And yes have full admin in the portal.

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What happens when you click on the Plus icon? I'm guessing that finally brings up the file open dialog to specify the image you want to use..

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Nothing happens - hence I think something is not working right.

Was hoping someone else ran into the issue and figured out the trick or what I am not doing right.

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Late on the reply, but in case you haven't gotten this yet, are you putting a url to the image you want to use before you hit the plus button? Once the url is in, then click the plus button, the image should appear at the top and you can then re-size it.

Use an Image dialog

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