Unable to view attachments in Distributed Collaboration

09-16-2020 12:57 AM
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I am setting up a Distributed Collaboration between our internal ArcGIS Portal (10.6.1) and ArcGIS Online.  We have want to share layers with external partners through a web app. The data is stored in our SDE database and will be continually updated.  Everything is fine until I try to use layers with attachments - both layers with functionality for users to upload their own documents to a location and pre-created geotagged photo layers.

  • For the Collaboration to work, sync must be enabled
  • For sync to work, feature classes must have a GlobalID
  • The attachment relationship class must therefore be generated on the GlobalID field
  • Doing this means whilst attachments exist in the attachments table, they are not visible either in the data itself or the feature service, pops up declare 'No attachments found' even though they are there.

Has anyone found this?  Does anyone know of alternative ways to share layers with attachments externally?



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