Unable to modify pop-up on a View Layer

09-09-2022 04:55 PM
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I am unable to modify the pop-up on a View Layer on Enterprise Portal 10.8.1

The tool text shows up, but no amount of clicking opens the pop-up editor.

Currently it seems the only way to modify the pop-up is to modify the source layer.

This happens both in the Visualization Tab, and on a webmap itself


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Very strange, and seems like a bug. Have you tried all of these options?

  1. Edit the popup in the Beta Map Viewer, if it's installed in your portal (I forget which version it became standard)
  2. Edit the service's JSON directly, using the portaladmin endpoint or the Python API
  3. Edit the popup in ArcGIS Pro and save the web map from there, then open the web map in a browser and click save layer to move the configuration to the layer's default settings

Any chance the layer is public?

If nothing works, you might be in bug territory. Try giving your browser a hard refresh, or attempt the process in a private browsing window, to make sure it's not your cache or something. And as a last-ditch effort, just reboot the machine(s) running your portal. I've had a few "stuck" settings get cleared out that way.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thank you @jcarlson 

As it's a layer for fieldmaps, I would rather not use the Beta Map Viewer as it causes issues with smart forms.  We are on 10.8.1 will be upgrading as soon as are able.  Possible it's already correct in a layer version of portal.

I am able to use the feature layer, and adjust the pop-ups there, just unable to just pop-ups on a view layer.  Which in this case I think would be easiest to just not use a view layer.

The layers are not public, when I have time. I will set up some test data and share it publicly to help spot the issue/bug.  And will follow up with the vendor about restarting the machines.

Thank you for all your great tips.

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