Unable to delete representation

06-16-2011 08:30 AM
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Here is what happened:
I was learning how to use representation. So I created a representation on a feature class in my SDE database on Oracle. Once the representation is created, in ArcCatalog I looked into the attribute table of the feature class and saw two columns: ruleID and override. I right clicked on the columns and delete them. And then I went to the properties of the feature class and delete the representation from Representation tab.
Now annoying things happened:
* I restart ArcCatalog and open the properties of the feature class, navigate to Representation, nothing shows up in the list, which is normal because I created and then deleted the representation. But if I click new and create a new representation, the one that had been created and deleted would show up together with the new representation in the list. If I select the ghost representation and try to delete it, I get the Unable to delete representation notice. What's worse is that this ghost now shows up in all OTHER feature classes representations tab and I can't get rid of it! Even if I remove this feature class the ghost representation is still there....

What should I do?

I am running on ArcGIS 10, with ArcSDE 9.3 and Oracle 11g.

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OK. I figured it out. I had to go to sde.gdb_extensiondatasets in Oracle database to find the representation that I had created and issue a delete command to delete the record
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