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06-18-2011 11:45 AM
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Okay, here is my project, plans, and problems...
  I am a student currently interning at Roatan, Honduras at a dive resort.  One of the projects that I am trying to accomplish is to "map the sea floor" for the guest here.  The equipment I have to basically a dive computer that gives good enough depth reading so that it can be done. Then turn that into a 3D map.  I am using Arcmap 9.3.1 Student Edition.

Plan: Collecting Data
  Using my dive computer I am going to swim in lines to make a grid about 30 meters square.  This is a starting point to see if I will be able to do it.  My computer takes depth every second, I figure I can try and swim slowly to take as many measure along the path as I can get.
Plan: Using Arcmap
   My plan is to make a create a line and point shapefile, or maybe a grid.  Put points on the grid giving the data for depth.  Then putting it into 3D.

   This project is pushing my limits of my understanding on how to do it and way do it.  I have always dealt with roads, or pre-made base maps.  So making a new map is very new to me.  If any of you know a good way to go about going about the project, could you give a basic outline on what to do?
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Have you had a look at this? :

I have not done this type of project before but it strikes me that you want to create a 3D Point file and add the data you collect for each point (do you have a means of swimming in precise lines, since I assume currents etc may make the mapping in-accurate to some degree [it depends how accurate you need to be for this mapping project]) you can use this data to make a DEM (Digital Elevation Model).

I have not done this process before but I believe you need to make a TIN (Triangular Irregular Network), Now you may not have the add-ins to do this as I believe it requires 3D Analyst/Spatial Analyst so have a look at these sites for more info on TIN Surfaces [] [ and find out if you can even do the processing required by checking what extentions you have, are you running the spatial analyst or 3D Analyst?.

If you make a TIN surface you can begin to make contours and a grid which you can manipulate to create images like below from

I hope this helps.
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