Unable to access feature layer hosted

10-26-2020 04:35 AM
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in our production server, some hosted feature layers stopped working suddenly. I can contact them with REST endpoint but obtain only an empty page. Trying to add them to a web map I get the error The layer is not accessible and cannot be added to the map. 

I have ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 single server deployment with Federated and Hosting Server. Validating the hosting server is Ok, and validating the ArcGIS Datastore connection from ArcGIS Manager also.

Some other FHL in same server continue to operate regularly.

Is there anyone else with similar problem? any suggestions?

thanks in advance


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Hi Andrea,

Have you tried validating the Data Store from the server admin endpoint? (https://server.domain.com:6443/arcgis/admin > data > items > enterpriseDatabases > AGSDataStore... > machines > <machineName> > validate). This validation process will give you a more in-depth look at the Data Store.

Is there a particular pattern you've noticed when it comes to which services are still working? For example, are they services that were published around the same time?


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Thank you Joshua for interesting in this case, this is the output of validating:

  "datastore.release": "",
  "datastore.name": "ds_d6hvbw30",
  "datastore.replmethod": "ASYNC",
  "datastore.isConfigured": "true",
  "machines": [{
    "machine.overallhealth": "Healthy",
    "datastore.release": "",
    "datastore.release.configstore": "1.4",
    "platform": "Windows",
    "machine.isReachable": "true",
    "hostip": "xxx",
    "name": "xxx",
    "role": "PRIMARY",
    "dbport": 9876,
    "initstarttime": 1592547067768,
    "healthcheck.enable": "true",
    "status": "Started",
    "adminurl": "https://xxx:2443/arcgis/datastoreadmin/",
    "db.isactive": "true",
    "db.isAccepting": "true",
    "db.isInRecovery": "false",
    "db.ActiveReplMethod": "NONE",
    "db.isManagedUserConnValid": "true",
    "datastore.release.pg": "10.10",
    "datastore.release.sde": "10.8.0",
    "datastore.release.geometry": "",
    "datastore.release.geometrylib": "",
    "db.isSiteConnValid": "true"
  "datastore.release.configstore": "1.4",
  "datastore.release.geometry": "",
  "datastore.release.geometrylib": "",
  "datastore.release.sde": "10.8.0",
  "datastore.release.pg": "10.10",
  "datastore.layer.extent.updated": false,
  "datastore.status": "Started",
  "datastore.isActiveHA": "false",
  "datastore.overallhealth": "Healthy",
  "datastore.lastfailover": -1,
  "datastore.lastbackup": 1603576800380,
  "datastore.isRegistered": "true",
  "datastore.hasValidServerConnection": "true",
  "datastore.validServerMachinesList": [{
    "machineName": "xxx",
    "adminURL": "https://xxx:6443/arcgis/admin"
  "owningSystemUrl": "https://xxx/arcgis"

...everything seems fine.

I cannot identify a pattern in publishing order, some older and some newer services work. In past some of theme are been stopped and started in ArcCatalog for maintenance.

The problem is that some of this corrupted services were updated by Survey123 or Web App with editing enabled. And I have no more access to their data in DataStore.... and in no other way that I know.

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Having the same issues - Was this issue every resolved?

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