Track AGOL Routing service usage in Portal

01-27-2021 01:57 PM
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Client enables routing service capability in ArcGIS Portal utility service and entered their ArcGIS Online credential. All users have the capability to use the arcgis online routing service in Portal. It happened a few times that someone performed routing analysis and used 4000 arcgis online credits in a day.

Is there any way to track who used this service in Portal? Client wants to know the named user who used the service and how many credits was using in the analysis.

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Hi Andy - A similar thing happened to me - 4,000 credits used across two days generating service areas.  I am the only AGOL user in a 300+ user ArcGIS Portal, so the credit usage is against my name as the Portal is configured to use my AGOL account for everyone. 

In the interface of AGOL there are - "this tool consumes credits" alerts, "estimate credits" functions and AGOL also has per user credit budgeting, but none of this seems to have come across to ArcGIS Enterprise / Portal.  

To specifically answer your question, you could analyse who created content around that date / time the credits were consumed.  It is a bit hit and miss, but that is the only way I could track down that user and suggest they buy some credits for our account.

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