DEM NoData server response

02-22-2021 08:47 AM
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Crossposted from the JavaScript forum, as that probably wasn't the best place to ask.

We have published a DEM (GeoTIFF) as an ImageService to our ArcGIS Server.  It has elevation values between -6ft and 12ft.  According to its properties in ArcCatalog, it has a NoData Value of -32767.  However, when accessing it via the RasterLayer type in the 3.x JavaScript SDK (4.x is not an option, btw; not sure that it would matter anyway) areas of known NoData values are 0 instead of -32767.  This presents a problem, as filtering elevation values on the map via a slider that restricts displaying pixels to only values say, between -2 and 4ft means that the entire map outside the bounds of the dataset is shown.  See the screenshot.  How can I get the service to actually sent back the NoData value instead of 0, as 0 is actually a valid elevation in the dataset.  That way, I can also filter pixels by NoData.

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