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topographic map of nevada

07-22-2012 09:57 AM
New Contributor
i am searching a topographic map of nevada or rather lincoln, nye and clark county. i already bought one from the USGS store, but it is 1:500.000 and i would like to have a bigger scale.
Now i found the USA Topo Map layer from ArcGis and noticed that they use a scale and topographic maps I am looking for. They also comment that all their maps are from th USGS. I searched the USGS store but i could not find any.
Can anybody tell me, where I can find these maps or which maps are they?
i look forward to an answer 😉
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Esri Frequent Contributor
Not sure on the specific topo map you are referencing, but a good place to check is the GeoSpatial Data Gateway. Select the three counties you are wanting and click submit. There is a topographic raster image, along with a 10 m DEM from the National Elevation Dataset. You could generate contours and whatnot from this DEM. Otherwise, the "Get Your Free Raster Data Here!" has some good links to raster data sources.
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