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Sub Type and Domain wont show!

09-19-2021 06:21 PM
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I published a layer with a subtype and domain from an ORACLE database. When I add the Feature Layer in a Web App the description of the subtype and domain wont show. It returned only the code of the subtype and domain. Also when the layer is added in a dashboard and try to using the subtype as the category for a selector it returned the code values also and "0" value which I did not place any. This is kind of frustrating already, I was about to give the apps to the organization and I can't release it because of this. Have you experience this also, what was your solution? HELP!

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@AnthonyTomAnoba , I would suggest you up the Maximum Number of Coded Domains setting in Service Parameters setting in ArcGIS Server Manager. The default is 25000 and if you have more features than this, you will only see the domain codes in the service, just like what you are reporting.

Here is where to look in ArcGIS Server Manager:

image (18).png 

Shelley Schott
Senior Consultant, Esri Australia
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