Signing out from Portal for ArcGIS redirects incorrectly....

06-03-2015 08:31 AM
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Hello Folks,

I have installed ArcGIS server and Portal for ArcGIS running smoothly integrated through federation. I only have one hiccup: everytime the users logout of the system, receive a bad redirecting url that causes the HTML page to render incorrectly.

See the attached document to understand what is happening. The URL invoked by the signout button is this:

I have no clue where to look or edit, to obtain a correctly rendered page. Just as a side note; on Internet Explorer it works fine... the Session Closed window appears ONLY when "Compatibility View Settings" is set for the "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View", but this option modify the page rendering.



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I have the same issue. Working on a fix.

In my case, it looks like Portal trying to logout twice.  The first logout goes successfully.  If I navigate to Portal homepage after experiencing this issue,  Portal will ask me to login again.  When Portal attempts to logout the second time, there is no longer the DOM context for the Portal logout script to work.  

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@Milton Solano

I have the same issue

by looking into this link i think you have solved the issue

Please tell me how you did it?

Upgrade to 10.4?



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The issue was a bug in Portal 10.3.1, it was correctly fixed at 10.4.

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