Sequential Numbering of Labels Dynamically?

05-02-2011 07:56 AM
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For a web mapping app:

I want to have the points numbered sequentially with a "keyed" table of information on each point. The numbers are not known in advace---its based on a user query. THis is like the web site of a hotel chain or Yelp that shows locations numbered on a map with a table below of addresses and descriptions.

I want the numbering to by dynamic, but predictable. This VB label function numbers them sequentially, but I have no idea about the order:
Label expression:
Public KeyNumber
FUnction FindLabel([ProjectID])
KeyNumber = KeyNumber + 1
FIndLabel = KeyNumber
End Function

Since I do a separate DB query to get the table of values, I need to know the numbers that are assigned and know their order.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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