How to make raster legend look like vector legend

04-29-2011 06:47 AM
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I'm making a map with both vector and raster layers that I want to show up in the legend. Is there any way to get the layers to show up in the same format? For example, I want: rectangular symbol on the left, layer name on the right. I can only seem to put the raster layer name above the symbol. Alternatively, there is an option to display the description to the right of the symbol, and I've entered a description in the layer properties - but it doesn't display in the legend... please help.
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If I understand correctly you're looking to rearrange the legend so there is consistency in its presentation. i.e. two columns.

I'd suggest that when you normally make a legend (by Insert>Legend) you could try right clicking the legend and converting to graphics and then click ungroup (and keep repeating the ungrouping function uintil you get to the level you want) you should then be able to move text and symbols freely just like you can in adrafting package like illustrator.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply, Simon. That works, although once converted to graphics it's static (if you change the color ramp in the raster, it doesn't update the graphics). What I'm looking for is some setting in the legend style for rasters that would allow for a configuration that looks the same as those for vectors. Seems like this would be pretty standard. Why would you want totally different legend entry configurations for rasters and vectors?
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I've always cheated and added another instance of the raster in the TOC. I then set the colour ramp using 'classified' instead of 'stretched'. The stretched raster is left visible in the layout and the classified is turned off. In the Legend only the classified is displayed. See attached.

Still a static solution though but far less work than using graphics if you want to change something.

I'm a crusader who refuses to convert anything to graphics so I'm interested to see if anyone else has a better way to do this representation.
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