RuleID and Override resist deletion after removal of representation

06-29-2012 08:50 AM
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Are the fields RuleID and Override protected from deletion in some way?  If I use the GP tool to remove a representation, it is no longer listed in the properties yet the corresponding fields persist in the attribute table (and I cannot delete them in ArcMap, ArcCatalog or using ET Geowizards).  Please lend some insight (for the sake of table tidiness).
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Quote Robert Jensen,

"The reason for the representation fields remaining in place after you've deleted the representation class programatically is that representation fields (RuleID and Override) are created as "Required" type and thus can not be deleted.

To delete the representation fields, you need to call the Drop Representation geoprocessing tool. This will drop the specified representation class and the fields associated with that class," (Cite:,
FEB 2008).
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There is no Drop Representation tool in ArcGIS Pro... Is there some way to delete those fields in Pro?

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