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07-23-2019 06:17 PM
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I want to rotate a point symbol in a web map to point left or right based on the value from the Directions field (the values are left, right). This is for a Collector application to give the field operator a visual reference as to which side of the road the survey site is on.

I assume that this would need to be done  from an Arcade Expression, but I don't really know anything about Arcade and would even know where to start.

I would really appreciate any pointers that anyone might have.

Thanks in Advance


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As usual, I post a question then work it out for myself 10 minutes later!  For those that are interested this is the expression used to rotate the symbol based on a value:

var rightrotation = 90;
var leftrotation = 270;
if ($feature.direction == "Right"){
return rightrotation;
        return leftrotation;