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02-13-2013 01:30 AM
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I'm wondering if there are any settings for displaying Representation Name in Table of Contents?

If I use simple symbology I can change the title (by double click on the title in the Table of Contents)  or I can delete the text completely. But it seems that Representations don't have this option and the text "Representation: [name of representation]" will be always displayed.

Is there any Display Option Setting for Representations?

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Indeed, you can't change representation name directly in Table of Contents or disable it.
You give a name to representation when you create it. This name can be changed in Feature Class Properties -> Representations tab (in Catalog window -> right click -> properties).

When you create a legend, however, "Representation: representation_name" can be turned off. Just untick Show Heading and tick Show Layer Name, which is editable in ToC.

Is it what you need?
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That's great I can turn this off in the legend layout. But will this be showed if I publish this mxd as a map service?

Thanks for reply.
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