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reporting tool in insights for arcgis

11-24-2017 04:32 AM
Occasional Contributor II


Is there an out of the box tool in Insights for ArcGIS?

if no, is it possible to create a custom tool and add it in insights?

Thank you

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

What kind of reporting functionality are you looking for? You can share your analysis results in a StoryMap, as explained here: Insights tip: Share your analysis using Story Maps | ArcGIS Blog

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Yes, you can share a page or embed in a Story Map or web page.  


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This is helpful, but I was also looking for a way of exporting the results. I can see there is a Print option, from which I could create a PDF, but this is a standard web page print option rather than anything dedicated to saving as an export image.

Is this under consideration for a future release?


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Hello Kieran,  Yes, enhanced reporting/presentation is scheduled in 2018, which will provide even more capabilities.  Thanks for your feedback!

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Hello Douglas, is there any new tool has been added to the latest version of insights to export the results as a PDF.

Many Thanks

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G'day All

How does a 'normal' user print a shared Insights page?

It seems only the owner of the page can see the Print Page option?

The browser print option is no different?